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Family Altar as eBook

Family Altar Book 1 can now be read on your digital device. The convenience of having it in your pocket on your Smartphone, or load it onto your Kindle, iPad, Kobo, Nook or other device.

To download it direct to your Kindle device, go to www.kindle.com. For other devices, please visit the Bibleway Online Store.

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Daily Reading

The Family Altar 2

Family Devotions By Day

Family Altar 2

he Gospels in chronological order, plus the same easy reading format as Volume 1.
The Family Altar Volume 2 will help families and those interested in knowing their Bible better in a special way.



From Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada, Bible Believers Fellowship, a non denominational church, reaches out to the world by the personal ministry of Pastor Tim Dodd and through the Family Altar Book series. In 2007 a new sanctuary was built to meet the needs of the local assembly, which fellowship around the Word of God, especially the prophecy fulfilled in the unique ministry of Reverend William Branham.